About Us

Welcome to our new Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust Website.

Our Vision

Our mission is to create and manage assets that will preserve the unique character of Broadhembury Parish, ensuring a resilient place for future generations to live and thrive.

Our Mission

Broadhembury Parish will be noted for the sensitivity and imagination with which it has met its affordable housing needs, employing clear principles and lateral thinking to provide quality living spaces that subtly enhance, and never detract from, the unique character of its built environment. The scale, design and location of affordable housing will have been realised with special consideration for the long term conservation of the parish’s special place in the landscape and of the unique attributes of Broadhembury Village.

Any affordable housing project will have been considered in the context of the wider ambition to promote and protect our parish landscape and heritage assets in support of our local economy through leisure and low impact tourism.

As a result of these and other initiatives, Broadhembury will be on track towards a small but thriving community representing all age groups and a diversity of occupations supported by successful local services, access to nearby work opportunities and workspaces. High speed broadband and a strong mobile phone network will be key factors in this transformation.

Over time, Broadhembury Parish’s approach should be seen as a model for others to emulate, offering a sustainable future that is determined by the community and free from the destructive social and environmental impact that would result from the ‘easy option’ of larger scale developer funding.

Our Values

Open democratic structure

People who live and work in Broadhembury Parish, including occupiers of the properties that the CLT owns, must have the opportunity to become members of the CLT. The CLT should actively engage members of the community in its work and ensure that they remain engaged in the development and operation of the CLT. The rules of the BNCLT are available to view in the members area of this website.


All CLTs are not-for-profit and any profits generated by the CLT cannot be paid by way of dividend or otherwise to its members but must be used to further the community’s interests.

Community-controlled and community-owned

A CLT is set up by the community and for the community. The members of the CLT will control it and the assets can only be sold or developed in a manner which benefits the local community. If the CLT decides to sell a home, the cash realised is protected by an asset lock and is re-invested into something else that the Trust’s members think will benefit the local community.

Permanently affordable housing or other assets

This is a crucial defining feature of a CLT. A CLT will endeavour to keep the homes or assets permanently affordable. This means that the home or asset is not just made affordable for the first buyer but that the CLT maintains the affordability of the housing or asset in perpetuity.

Community Resilience

Through community ownership and provision of affordable homes for people with a local connection the CLT hopes to build Community resilience for the future.

Low Carbon or Zero Carbon

This will be a primary consideration in any design for affordable homes commissioned by the CLT. The aim being not only to mitigate the effect on climate change, but also to lower the running costs of the dwellings.

Help fund our work

Donating helps Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust to sustain our community together.