Following the May 2021 election when just four Trustees stood for the seven places on the board, it would be fair to say that BNCLT’s human resources are limited in relation to the tasks of handling the administration, Member communications, working with officials and advisers, as well as planning and implementing a long term strategy.

Our advisers, Middlemarch, tell us that affordable homes projects typically take six years from idea to occupation – and that is in the context of generally larger CLT boards and support groups.

To address this issue, we are investigating how we can offer Members flexible ways of becoming involved without having to make a major commitment of time. The most likely route would be through a Board Support Group. At the same time, some individual community members might be interested in attending a few meetings as an ‘acting’ Trustee. This provides the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ with no obligation to continue unless you choose to.

If you would like to have a chat about either of these options, please email BNCLT Secretary Sara Clarke at, use the “Contact” page on our website, or call BNCLT Chair Steve Chipperfield on 01404 841792.