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We are delighted that our application to set up a Community Land Trust (CLT) for the Parish of Broadhembury has been approved. The Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust (BNCLT) has been established to meet community needs such as ‘affordable’ housing in a manner that is sensitive to our local landscape and the unique character of our built environment.

BNCLT can also become involved in owning and managing other assets for the community, such as, allotments, fibre broadband, community transport, renewable electricity, or other feasible projects that the community might need.

Responding to the housing need

The level of any need for ‘affordable’ housing in the Parish will be indicated by the Housing Need Survey you recently received, requesting information on your personal housing situation. BNCLT aims to respond to any need with sensitivity and imagination to provide quality living spaces for the benefit of local people in appropriate styles and locations – and proportionate to our local needs. Most importantly, we want to respond before anyone with a wider agenda, that may be detrimental to our Parish, attempts to do so.

Protecting our community

You can become a voting Member of BNCLT and have a say in what happens and how. A share costs just £1.

This leaflet sets out to tell you all you need to know, please download it below.

Please become a member

You can become a voting member of BNCLT and have a say in what happens and how.
A share costs just £1