Not just about housing

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Date: May 24, 2021


Whilst it is true to say that Community Land Trusts mainly focus on how to manage the housing needs of their local community in a way that promotes the unique characteristics of the locality and prevents unsympathetic development, their role can extend well beyond that. In fact anything that involves developing, sustaining and enhancing the local community for the benefit of future generations is a legitimate pursuit for a CLT.
From the development of renewable energy schemes, running local pubs or shops through to creating artisan workshops and bakeries, providing allotments and forming community farms, there are countless examples up and down the country of how Community Land Trusts are enhancing local life. So perhaps it is up to us all to think of ways in which our CLT could be used to enhance and enrich life in this lovely parish. Here are some ideas for starters.

  • Would anyone like allotments? The benefits of growing your own are well known and perhaps surplus produce could be sold in the shop.
  • What about a dog play park? Although there are many lovely walks in the area, having an enclosed field to train young dogs for recall etc. would be great.
  • What about repurposing old buildings to develop art workshops to learn pottery or screen printing for example, or maybe set up an artisan bakery?
  • Another direction might be to look at the natural environment around us, perhaps establishing more footpaths or building hides from which to study wildlife along the River Tale and elsewhere. Perhaps eventually establishing a defined wildlife or wetland area.
  • Maybe setting up a community orchard, or better still, given the number of fruit trees in people’s gardens, what about a community apple press?

    Now that we have our Community Land Trust lets use to its full potential. The Trustees would love to hear people’s ideas, so if you have a particular interest or passion that the CLT could help develop, do get in touch or better still get involved!

Steve Chipperfield

Chair of Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust

For much of my career I was a co-entrepreneur and writer in the media, marketing and publishing sector. As a keen sailor I constantly had to juggle my time between my business and personal interests. I eventually solved that by starting a consultancy focused on sailing superyachts. In parallel to the above, I was a Director of Friends of the Earth for some years, Trustee of the UK Sailing Academy for 25 years and co-founder of The Whirlwind Charitable Trust. These last two aim to enhance the life opportunities of disadvantaged young people through sailing and outdoor pursuits.
Reasons for Standing
I have lived in Broadhembury for almost seven years but have regarded the place as special since my first pint in the Drewe almost 50 years ago. I therefore want to see Broadhembury evolve sustainably and with full respect for its community and the conservation of its surrounding landscape and built heritage. Those are the reasons I decided to join the initial steering group set up by BPC and to become a Trustee when BNCLT was legally established. The same reasons stand behind my application to continue as a Trustee.