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Date: May 24, 2021


30 October 2020

After 7 months gestation the Rules of BNCLT are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority

First members appoint Trustees and 1st meeting of the Board
12 November
Search starts for bank account as most banks have stopped taking on new customers due to Covid
EDDC approve access to ‘start up’ grant
Members’ invitation to join and application form drafted
Members’ welcome letter and share certificate drafted and approved
Website specification drafted
Data Protection policy drafted & approved
Register with Information Commissioner’s Office
Purchase Zoom Pro so we can conduct zoom meetings
Land search & selection criteria developed
Search for short list of architects to help with site selection

Accepted by Unity Trust Bank
Expenses & purchasing policy drafted and approved
Housing Needs Survey report approved by Parish Council
Land search & selection criteria expanded to include EEDC and BNCLT criteria
Over 20 possible sites identified and graded against criteria – results in 10 sites (7 land owners) with
least negative impact identified
Invitation letter to land owners drafted
Proposal to use land agent unsuccessful as EDDC will not fund and all local agents conflicted
Members’ invitation to join flyer and application form printed and distributed by 12 December
Three firms of architects identified and initial briefing sessions held
HMRC registration submitted
Website specification and proposal approved

January 2021
Role descriptions for Chair, Treasurer, Trustee & Secretary drafted and approved
Informal discussions with EDDC planners re possible PIP submission – they emphasise need to
provide affordable housing near facilities in Broadhembury village
Housing Needs Survey showing need for 4 affordable homes in the Parish published – Permission in
Principle therefore submitted to reinforce Trusts intention to fulfil the need rather than a
commercial developer
Tender document issued to architects for response mid February
Commence discussions with Middlemarch (community led housing specialists recommended by
EDDC) to support us through feasibility and planning stage
First newsletter sent out, including notification that PIP submitted
Website build started – expect to go live c. 16 March

PIP not supported by Parish Council and refused by EDDC planners
Start to identify possible options for delivery of affordable homes for discussion with members
Members’ survey and information emails sent out
Work continues apace on website and drafting content
Draft Service Level Agreement with Middlemarch received and confirmation that their fees will be
covered by the EDDC grant
By end February 116 members

Agreed the website should encompass the heritage and conservation aspects of our vision
statement as well as the affordable homes element
EDDC local plan response completed and submitted
Zoom meetings held with Members to brief them on the results of the Members’ Survey and options
for the delivery of four affordable homes

Steve Chipperfield

Chair of Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust

For much of my career I was a co-entrepreneur and writer in the media, marketing and publishing sector. As a keen sailor I constantly had to juggle my time between my business and personal interests. I eventually solved that by starting a consultancy focused on sailing superyachts. In parallel to the above, I was a Director of Friends of the Earth for some years, Trustee of the UK Sailing Academy for 25 years and co-founder of The Whirlwind Charitable Trust. These last two aim to enhance the life opportunities of disadvantaged young people through sailing and outdoor pursuits.
Reasons for Standing
I have lived in Broadhembury for almost seven years but have regarded the place as special since my first pint in the Drewe almost 50 years ago. I therefore want to see Broadhembury evolve sustainably and with full respect for its community and the conservation of its surrounding landscape and built heritage. Those are the reasons I decided to join the initial steering group set up by BPC and to become a Trustee when BNCLT was legally established. The same reasons stand behind my application to continue as a Trustee.