It’s taken an enjoyable few weeks for us as Trustees (Steve, Sara, Mike, and Rob) to put the website together, but we couldn’t have done it alone. Amongst our membership is Chris who owns the website design company “The South Creative” – his professional input was invaluable. Also, a few members very dedicated Members have helped out by writing some of the articles and supplying photographs. Our ambition is to regularly update the website, and this leads to an important plea. If, as a Member, you feel you can contribute in any way then please contact us – you can use the “Contact us” page on this website. You may have some photographs that we could use to illustrate future articles, you may wish to suggest a news article that is relevant to the aims of BNCLT, alternatively you may wish to help out in some other way – please let us know.

As a Member of BNCLT, you have access to an area of the website that is not visible to the casual visitor. Look for the “Members” button at the top of the website pages. If you click on that button, you’ll be asked to enter a password – please see our May Newsletter (emailed or posted to you) to find out what your password is. In the Members area you can find the Rules and Policies of BNCLT, minutes of meetings, Newsletters, and other useful information. There is nothing confidential filed there, nor is there any data relating to you filed there. You only need a password that is unique to you to get in.

If you send us any photographs they must be:

·        Taken by you (for copyright reasons).

·        In landscape.

·        High resolution.

·        Colour, black and white, or some other artistic affect is appreciated.

·        Taken in the Parish – please tell us where and when they were taken.

·        We do appreciate photographs that include parishioners. However, we do need their consent before we can use them.

If you feel driven to write a BNCLT news article, please first send us a title and a short summary.

We’ve tested the website on various laptops, phones, and tablets. We have found and fixed a few errors and bugs. It’s possible we haven’t found them all. If you spot any, or have any other feedback, please “contact us”.

We wish to thank East Devon District Council (EDDC) for providing funding, the National Community Land Trust Network (NCLTN) for providing a fantastic source of information and support, and Middlemarch for providing guidance and advice. Each of those organisations has permitted us to use their logo as a link to their website at the foot of our website.

Above everything else, we wish to thank you – all 118 current Members of BNCLT – for your support and enthusiasm.

Trustee elections

In our April Newsletter we announced that we were ready to take the step of asking our Members to elect, for the first time, the board of Trustees. Having elected Trustees is important to ensure that the future plans and strategies of BNCLT are as representative as possible of the communities wishes. Our rules allow there to be up to seven Trustees. We extended an invitation to all Members to put their names forward as candidates – however, only the four acting Trustees did so. Email and postal voting closed on 12th May 2021. Voting in person took place at the First Special General Meeting of Members held on 13th May (held via Zoom). 45 Members (38% of the total membership) voted, and all four candidates were voted in as Trustees.

The four Trustees are:

Steve Chipperfield (44 votes)

Sara Clarke (45 votes)

Mike Drewe (43 votes)

Rob Phillips (45 votes)

The biographies of the Trustees were sent to all Members in the April Newsletter – they are also posted on the “Meet the Trustees” page of our website. The details of the voting process and results are recorded in the Minutes of the First Special General Meeting of Members (13th May 2021) – these are located in the “Members” area of the website.