Dear Member

The reasons for this communication is twofold:

Firstly, to provide you with the attached response to the issues and objections raised regarding the ‘Permission in Principle’  application to build four affordable homes.

Secondly, to ask you to complete the affordable homes strategy survey below.  The Trustees need your input to ensure that we properly reflect the views of the membership.  Please could we have your completed survey returned by 12 February.

If there are two members in your household with the same email address please reply twice.

Thank you




The BNCLT team wants to refine its Affordable Homes strategy to represent, as fully as possible, the views of our105 Members. Could you please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire below and return it to us by email by or before Friday 12th February.

All you need to do is hit the ‘Reply’ button on this email, fill in the form and then hit ‘Send’.

Your views matter not only to us. East Devon District Council say they would generally support proposals and ideas with strong community backing. The more response we get, the more power we have to do what we all feel is right for our Parish.

Responses will only be reviewed by BNCLT Trustees. The Trustees may share aggregated results with EDDC, BPC and BNCLT Membership. Those aggregated results may be refined to Village, hamlet, or postcode, but individual responses will not be shared.

1.         Did you respond to the Housing Needs Survey every Parish household received in [November?] 2020?

Please type either YES or NO :-

2.         Whether or not you responded, were you in favour of building Affordable Housing in the Parish at that time?

Please type either YES or NO :-

3.         Were your views conditional on, for example, number of houses, location or other factors? If yes, please state which factors mattered most to you:

Please list the factors that matter most to you :-

4.         Have your views changed since?

Please type either YES or NO :-

5.         If ‘yes’, please state what has changed your view :-

6.         What are your views on the current ‘Permission in Principle’ proposal to build four affordable homes in the Western Village?  You can say YES or NO to more than one box if you wish:

In favour ——- Please type YES or NO :-

Against ——- Please type YES or NO :-

Happy with the plan but not with the specific location in the village ——- Please type YES or NO :-

Unhappy with any further development in the village ——- Please type YES or NO :-

Would like to see this development further away from the village or in the hamlets ——- Please type YES or NO :-

Please add any further comments here :-

7.         Does it matter to you if a commercial developer gains permission to build six or eight open market executive homes next to Broadhembury Village in return for building four or more Affordable Homes (say 12-15 houses all in)?

Please type YES or NO :-

8.         If yes, would you prefer to avoid any commercial development adjacent to Broadhembury Village?

Please type YES or NO :-

9.         If we could find a means of avoiding building additional Affordable Homes and perhaps deliver the affordable housing by re-purposing existing buildings, do you think that would be a better solution?

Please type YES or NO :-

10.       If BNCLT wanted to petition EDDC to provide greater flexibility on where or how the Housing could be provided, to meet the views of our Members, would you be willing to support that?

Please type YES or NO :-

11.       Any further comments?

Please provide any further comments :-

Name :-

Address :-

Postcode :-

Please return your completed form as soon as possible and no later than 12th February. Thank you!

Response to issues and objections