Member Consultations

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Date: March 3, 2021

Dear Members

Thank you to those who have booked themselves onto one of our consultation meetings next week.  The agenda for the meeting is below and you will receive a zoom link, to enable you to join the meeting, by email a couple of days ahead of the meeting.

If you have not yet booked but would like to attend the days and times are as follows:

Tuesday 9 March at 7.30pm

Wednesday 10 March at 3pm

Thursday 11 March at 10.30am

Friday 12 March at 7.30pm

If you would like to join us please contact Sara at email above.

Agenda for Members consultation meetings by Zoom, March 2021

At your Zoom meeting, BNCLT hosts will:

  1. Tell you the key points we have learned from our PIP application and the recent Members Survey (copy attached).
  1. Talk about the range of alternative ideas for affordable housing we have explored with EDDC planning and what we have learned from that meeting.
  1. Set out the options that were excluded and the options that remain.
  1. Ask your views on these options (and any others you may want to suggest) and what you consider to be the best way forward.

The meetings aim to be open and informal. To hear what you think is every bit as important as it is to update you on recent or proposed developments at BNCLT.  Questions for clarification will be taken during Items 1 – 3. Item 4 provides time for a full and wide-ranging Q&A session from all attending.

The Trustees

Steve Chipperfield

Chair of Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust

For much of my career I was a co-entrepreneur and writer in the media, marketing and publishing sector. As a keen sailor I constantly had to juggle my time between my business and personal interests. I eventually solved that by starting a consultancy focused on sailing superyachts. In parallel to the above, I was a Director of Friends of the Earth for some years, Trustee of the UK Sailing Academy for 25 years and co-founder of The Whirlwind Charitable Trust. These last two aim to enhance the life opportunities of disadvantaged young people through sailing and outdoor pursuits.
Reasons for Standing
I have lived in Broadhembury for almost seven years but have regarded the place as special since my first pint in the Drewe almost 50 years ago. I therefore want to see Broadhembury evolve sustainably and with full respect for its community and the conservation of its surrounding landscape and built heritage. Those are the reasons I decided to join the initial steering group set up by BPC and to become a Trustee when BNCLT was legally established. The same reasons stand behind my application to continue as a Trustee.