Dear Member

For all of you who attempted, but were unable, to join the BNCLT Members Special General Meeting for the election of Trustees last night, a huge apology.

The link to join the Zoom meeting was unfortunately miscommunicated between the facilitators of the Zoom meeting and the BNCLT team and this only became apparent when we began receiving emails from Members to advise us they were unable to get into the meeting.

In the circumstances we feel there is no option but to re-schedule the meeting so that everyone who wanted to participate will still, hopefully be able to do so. We are required to give 14 days notice of a Members Meeting so the meeting will now take place by Zoom at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th May.

Some key points:

Once again, we would like to offer fulsome apologies for the frustration some of you experienced yesterday evening, but please feel sure you will have a new opportunity to vote in person on May 13th if you have not already done so.

On behalf of the BNCLT team,