Special General Meeting Invitation

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Meeting ID: 820 6968 6740
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How to vote – you have two options

  1. By email or post – this is the preferred and confidential option:

Sara Clarke, Vicarage Cottage, Broadhembury, Honiton EX14 3NE

Please note: Your email or postal return must be received by 5.00 PM on Tuesday 27th April 2021. Votes received after that time will not be valid.

  1. By show of hands at the meeting.

Please note you can only vote at the meeting if you have not already voted by email or post.

Election Results

Meeting Agenda


By Zoom 7.30pm Wednesday 28th April 2021

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 820 6968 6740
Passcode: 287050

Please note: the only business the BNCLT can do at this meeting is that which is identified in this notice.

Item 1: Introduction and rules of procedure (from the Chair).

Item 2: Voting takes place:

Under the Rules of Broadhembury Neighbourhood Community Land Trust, the founding board of Trustees is standing down and seeking re-election by the Members. An invitation has also been extended to all Members to stand as Trustees and join the Board. However no new applications have been received.

The Members seeking re-election as Trustees are:

Steve Chipperfield, Sara Clarke, Mike Drewe, Rob Phillips

Item 3: Results declaration

The combined results from email, postal and show of hand votes will be announced. Should the ‘show of hand’ votes require verification by way of a review of the Zoom recording, the results will be circulated shortly after the meeting.

Item 4: Closing remarks from Chair. Meeting closes.





Please place an X in the YES, NO or ABSTAIN box beside each candidate.

The BNCLT Rules permit a maximum of seven Trustees. Four candidates have put their names forward for election as Trustees. You can vote YES to confirm, or NO to reject, the election of each of these candidates, or you can ABSTAIN from expressing a view.

Please fill in your name and address details below and email your Voting Slip tosara.clarke.bnclt@outlook.com (see above for instructions) OR print and post it to the BNCLT Secretary: Sara Clarke, Vicarage Cottage, Broadhembury, Honiton EX14 3NE.

PROXY VOTING : If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to appoint a proxy to attend and vote for you, please contact sara.clarke.bnclt@outlook.com.

Please note: your email or postal vote must be received by 5.00 PM on Tuesday 27th April 2021. Any votes received after that time will be invalid.


(Please see below for background notes on each candidate.)

NAME                                                               YOUR V OTE ON ELECTION AS A TRUSTEE

                                                                           YES        NO         ABSTAIN

Steve Chipperfield                                         [   ]         [   ]         [   ]

Sara Clarke                                                      [   ]         [   ]         [   ]

Mike Drewe                                                    [   ]         [   ]         [   ]

Rob Phillips                                                     [   ]         [   ]         [   ]


Address…………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………..


NOTE: If you have any difficulty in completing and returning your voting slip, please contact BNCLT Trustee Rob Phillips on 07756 689758 or at Rob.Phillips.BNCLT@Outlook.com for help and advice.


Steve Chipperfield

Personal/ career

For much of my career I was a co-entrepreneur and writer in the media, marketing and publishing sector. As a keen sailor I constantly had to juggle my time between my business and personal interests. I eventually solved that by starting a consultancy focused on sailing superyachts.

In parallel to the above, I was a Director of Friends of the Earth for some years, Trustee of the UK Sailing Academy for 25 years and co-founder of The Whirlwind Charitable Trust. These last two aim to enhance the life opportunities of disadvantaged young people through sailing and outdoor pursuits.

Reasons for standing

I have lived in Broadhembury for almost seven years but have regarded the place as special since my first pint in the Drewe almost 50 years ago.

I therefore want to see Broadhembury evolve sustainably and with full respect for its community and the conservation of its surrounding landscape and built heritage.

Those are the reasons I decided to join the initial steering group set up by BPC and to become a Trustee when BNCLT was legally established. The same reasons stand behind my application to continue as a Trustee. 

Sara Clarke

Personal/ career

After retiring I spent 10 happy years on a narrowboat exploring the canals of England before finally settling in Broadhembury three years ago.  Having family in Hemyock meant that I have known Devon for many years and coming to Broadhembury has felt like coming home.  Most of my working life was spent in Scotland where I was Financial Controller and then Company Secretary at Scotland’s largest media group.  Along the way I led the projects to build new offices for the Group’s newspaper division; and also studios and offices for Scottish and Grampian Television.

Reasons for standing

I was a member of the Parish Council’s sub-committee to set up the Community Land Trust and once the Trust was established I took on the Company Secretarial role.  I wanted to be involved as I feel the people of Broadhembury have given me so much in the time I have been here that I wanted to give something back.  It is a special place that should be protected and cherished whilst evolving and adapting to a changing world.  The recent pandemic has increased the pressures on rural communities, such as Broadhembury, and it is critical that the concerns and aspirations of those communities are heard and supported.

Mike Drewe

Personal/ career

Having spent the best part of my life living in Broadhembury, the importance of treating where we live with respect is very close to my heart.

Trained in horticulture, I spent time in England and abroad making gardens before returning to Broadhembury.

During the past 25 years I have managed the estate village of Broadhembury with not only a passion for conserving it’s remarkable architectural and historic fabric, but just as important, continuing to make available a special place of permanence in which people can live and feel a sense of belonging.

Reasons for standing

I became involved with the steering committee and later as a founding member and Trustee of the BNCLT as I felt that there might be an opportunity for creating an imaginative, out of the box, approach to setting up a CLT in order to deliver innovative projects for the community with particular regard to protecting our very important landscape and historic built environment.

Rob Phillips

Personal/ career

Rural Devon is my background, and I consider that the natural environment must be regarded as ‘the host’ in which the built environment resides and must respect. Natural and rural aspects enable the wellbeing of many in our communities – including those for which it is home but cannot afford to remain. By profession, I’m an engineer and mathematician. I’ve conducted many investigations and negotiations at multinational government levels. Successful outcomes were always achieved through logical analysis, understanding of legal constraints, and maintaining moral beliefs. I offer the skills I’ve gained to ensure BNCLT is an effective organisation that achieves its goals.

Reasons for standing

I was a member of the team that set up BNCLT, a Founding Member, and I am currently a Trustee. We have established BNCLT to have at its heart three key aims – I wish to continue driving these ambitions forward: